For 100,000 years, humans have sought adornment with jewelry, as a talisman or symbol of beliefs, ideals and mythology. The ability of jewelry to convey both an individual sense of beauty and a tribal belonging inspires what I create. From my days of childhood dress up play, I have adored the feeling of wearing jewelry, and eventually the most economical way to add to my collection was to make it myself.

As a jeweler, my hands and spirit have been compelled to create. My business originated in a traditional silver studio in 1986 after receiving a BFA from the University of Tennessee. I created purely sterling silver designs until I discovered polymer clay and it's vast malleablity and colorful possibilities. In my studio, I am constantly searching for the adventurous creative path, improvising with techniques and materials for my own entertainment. Often a new design is born out of seeking something fresh for a coming season, a new attitude, or a reframed mindset. I am committed to wearability, durability and comfort in design, and my work is guaranteed to last.